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What is the project about? The goal of the Dotlab Ecosystem is to establish itself as the largest platform for Crypto Identity, while also setting novel benchmarks for Investors and Tokens in DeFi. Individuals are able to create a wallet address of their choice and begin constructing their anonymous Crypto Identity, whether they be Project Owners, Treasuries, Protocols, or even regular individuals. What makes your project unique? The Arbitrum Name Service (ANS) is a platform that allows you to register a custom domain name for your wallet. This is particularly helpful since hexadecimal wallet addresses can be difficult to use and search, leading to unnecessary complications and the possibility of incorrect transactions. ANS effectively resolves this issue. History of your project. Dotlab was born, as we saw the necessity of decentralization on the Arbitrum ecosystem. What’s next for your project? Dotlab Marketplace is a completely decentralized platform that allows you to trade your domains. You have the freedom to list your domain for sale, purchase already listed domains, or bid on existing domains, thereby granting you complete control and ownership of your domain assets. What can your token be used for? DTL is an ERC20 token that is an integral part of the Dotlab Ecosystem, designed to mimic the function of traditional shares. DTL provides its holders with a source of passive income in the form of ETH dividends, derived from Dotlab Ecosystem's revenue.