FOMO Network

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$ 27,491,900
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$ 322,143
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FOMO is a leading Layer 1 Proof-of-Stake Network with superior throughput, speed and infinite scalability. FOMO is seamlessly interoperable between Cosmos, EVM and WASM enabling developers to choose their environment and language. The only chain to support multiple languages in a single Layer 1 solution such as Rust and Solidity. ​FOMO Network utilises the chain to ensure that our social network and all corresponding data will be decentralized. Powered by the lightning fast Tendermint and secured by a decentralized open source network. FOMO Chain is built on Tendermint Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. Tendermint consensus engine allows for high performance, scalability and with a superior Time-to-Finality. FOMO is supporting fast block generations, below <1 second. The consensus mechanism utilize single block finality, and transaction speeds of 10,000 per second. This can be compared to Ethereum Network which generates blocks every 12 seconds, a TTF of 12 minutes and TPS of 15.