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Forestry is a DAO-based green community dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and slowing global temperature rise. Through NFT and DEFI, the real planting forest farm and the WEB3.0 metaverse are linked through the blockchain. Our products include: FRY governance tokens, FRYNFT, DEFI center, forest farm games, VR remote viewing of forest farms, brand derivatives, etc. FRY application: buy NFT or game props, is the only ecological governance token, and also is the only game token. FRY consumption: be burnt for trading, regular repurchase, and game props income. NFT play steps & secret script description: The overall play method is equivalent to the Ant Forest of Alipay. Buy NFT (in fact, it is a tree, and the tree will also be mapped in the Amazon forest), then stake your NFT, and then collect energy (income) every day. The income is FRY, you can receive it in real-time and can trade it after extraction. 1. Buy NFT using USDT or FRY. 2. Stake NFT (planting trees) on the official website. 3. Harvest every day to get your income (FRY). 4. The seedlings need to be watered and fertilized regularly (consume FRY). 5. The annual yield of different NFTs differs, and the income lives also differ, as shown in the following figure.