Grizzly Honey

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Description is a Liquidity Aggregator on the Binance Smart Chain. It launched on the 8th of August 2022. Its goal is to make DeFi accessible for everyone and to generate a predictable income on its users crypto assets. The Grizzly Honey token does not have a maximum supply and is minted only when users are using This way it ensures to have a sustainable inflation while making sure to be able to always reward its users. aims to be the hub of Liquidity Mining and continually adds new strategies to generate yields. On, users don't have to compound manually because comes with an auto-compounding feature. The smart contracts have been audited by four different companies for its initial release. The Grizzly Honey Token is the revenue sharing token of Every time the smart contracts auto-compounds for its users, 50% of the auto-compounded amount gets distributed amongst GHNY stakers. The 50%, which were not auto-compounded, get compensated by GHNY tokens. For long-term believers in the project there is the Grizzly Farming Strategy. In the Grizzly Strategy all of the rewards are used to buy-back GHNY tokens, which are then automatically staked.