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What Is Inspect (INSP)? Inspect serves as the cornerstone of Web3, introducing an innovative layer 2 solution specifically crafted to enrich user experiences across expansive social ecosystems like X (Twitter). As the inaugural layer 2 infrastructure for X, Inspect seamlessly grants users access to a comprehensive suite of meticulously designed products and tools. These resources are dedicated to offering invaluable insights and essential functionalities, empowering users to navigate the dynamic realms of cryptocurrencies and NFTs with unparalleled ease. Through Inspect, users are equipped with a decisive advantage within the crypto sphere. The platform houses an array of tools thoughtfully curated to provide individuals with enhanced market analysis capabilities and a deeper comprehension of social movements within the cryptocurrency domain. This comprehensive toolset not only furnishes users with real-time analytics and insights but also facilitates informed decision-making and fosters improved engagement with the ever-evolving crypto and NFT markets. Inspect functions as an entryway to indispensable tools and analytics, empowering users to navigate the complexities of the crypto world effortlessly. By leveraging this groundbreaking layer 2 solution, individuals gain effortless access to a diverse range of resources critical for maintaining a competitive edge in the market and fostering a profound understanding of crypto trends and social dynamics. Inspect and INSP Utility INSP serves as the native utility token within the Inspect ecosystem, offering a range of functionalities including: Processing transaction fees and data storage costs. Participation in the operation of validator nodes through staking INSP tokens. Governance voting to determine network resource allocation. Use INSP as currency for subscriptions, ads, API fees, etc. Staking INSP for benefits such as fee discounts, access to hidden data, whitelist eligibility, etc. Utilization of buyback and