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$SHARD is the in-game currency for landtorn's LORAK game. Landtorn is part of the base ecosystem as per the base website (under gaming): Lorak is an experimental on-chain idle game built using the erc-6551 standard, testing the limits of Token Bound accounts or, in simpler terms, testing the feasibility of managing hundreds of NFTs inside of a Character NFT with a built-in ruleset, which deepens the gameplay, while providing a full on-chain experience. Lorak is the meta-game for the TORN ecosystem, it will evolve over multiple Cataclysms. The idea is that all participation will lead to the future launch of the LandTorn platform. The game is set in a classic medieval fantasy setting with a heavy emphasis on Lore. Gods of Death rule these Lands and death plays a large part in the games system. Players go through Dungeons and try to extract valuable items, that carry $SHARDS, and Mythics, sthat allow them to mint a TornLord.