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At the heart of OORT's appeal is its commitment to affordability, accuracy, data privacy and ownership. OORT distinguishes itself by offering services that are up to 80% cheaper than traditional cloud providers like AWS and Google Cloud. This cost-efficiency makes OORT an attractive choice for businesses looking to leverage the power of Web3 without incurring prohibitive expenses. Furthermore, the partnership between OORT AI and Lenovo's Customer Service has achieved an impressive 90% accuracy rate after assisting 12,000+ of their users, demonstrating OORT’s capability to deliver high-quality, AI-driven solutions. This level of precision showcases OORT AI as a reliable and innovative tool in the tech industry. Above all else, OORT champions the ethos of privacy and ownership for data. In a manner akin to how Bitcoin represents privacy and ownership for currency, OORT stands as a cornerstone for these values in the realm of data. This commitment to data sovereignty is a pivotal reason for users to choose OORT, as it ensures their data remains secure, private, and under their control.