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pHBD is a wrapped version of the HBD token (Hive Backed Dollar on the Hive Blockchain), built on the Polygon blockchain. HBD is the longest standing algo-stablecoin in all of crypto but it has struggled with achieving mass adoption. HBD has a Fixed Savings Rate of 20%, which has solved the demand issue for HBD. There’s a supply issue with HBD, which is where pHBD and the Liquidity Pool pHBD-USDC comes into play. PolyCUB is releasing a pHBD-USDC vault and we're aiming to drive $5,000,000 in liquidity to it. You can read the full details in our whitepaper at https://docs.polycub.com/mechanics/phbd This vault is going to change the dynamics of HBD, opening up the potential for HBD to have large levels of supply to support the onboarding of DeFi whales. $5M is just our initial target. In the long-run, we would like to have a great deal more in liquidity to support a much larger influx of users.