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Launched on November 5, 2021 by the Synex Network Team, Synex Coin adds Solana blockchain support to Minecraft, allowing for custom blockchain-based economies and play-to-earn servers Synex Coin allows servers to make blockchain-based economies, reward players for their time and allow the community to buy ranks. It comes in the form of a Minecraft plugin. For those who are sick of Pay-To-Earn games that never actually get out of pre-alpha, the Minecraft game code is already written, and is the most popular game of all time! Blockchain-based economies are easily creatable with an inbuilt wallet so that users never have to exit the game to view balances, automatic SOL airdrops to add tokens and daily airdrops to servers for their currency. It also integrates with the most popular billing software, Tebex, to allow players to buy ranks with Synex Coin. The plugin also comes with software for creating events (airdrops) to users, buying ingame items and rewards for playtime. All of this can be easily integrated into servers. Happy gaming!